The UG sports championship calendar: Betting tips for June 2019

Jul 3, 2019 Online Betting

The UG sports championship calendar: Betting tips for June 2019

April has always been the month of celebration to every sports enthusiast in the world. With the increasing fan followers worldwide, the sports calendar has stretched their dates and number of scheduled games. June also adds into the timeline of championship games.

If one follows UG Sport, fetching the latest updates of tournaments in the upcoming months is not a hassle. The major leagues that UG sport features are baseball, golf, and boxing. There is abundant information about every sport on the portals too. Give this sports calendar for June 2019 a quick read for the latest updates.

  1. Baseball

The International game season of baseball began on 20th march at the Tokyo Dome, Japan accompanied by the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. In June, the London series will start at the London stadium in London, England. The match will commence with the New York Yankees as hosts on 29th and 30th June. It will be the first regular season of baseball series in London falling under their two-year commitment.

Betting in baseball

For the one who has missed out their last chances of betting in baseball this march, pull up your socks and get ready to run on the track. The baseball betting community online is getting prepared to run smoothly for the matches in June. If you are into the game and posses an accurate knowledge and confidence, you can place your stakes in the London Series which will take place in June.

  • Golf

Golf is back! The biggest golf championship event of the year has already begun. Here are the dates of the significant championship events:

16-19 May: the PGA championship – NY, Farmingdale, black course.

13 -16 June:  US Open – calif, pebble beach, golf links.

18-21 July: British open – Northern Ireland, Portrush, royal golf club.

Betting in golf

Golf betting is famous as the elite class sport. If you have missed the chances of placing higher stakes for golf betting, the June and July matches are the excellent opportunities. Check out the latest updates under UG sport online and put your money.

  • Boxing

Boxing is a traditional sport and has excellent scopes in betting. The month of June is full of upcoming boxing events. Here comes the updated list of the significant fight schedules:

19 June: Osaka Gym, Japan – held between Aston Palicte VS Kazuto Loka.

21 June: York Hall, UK – held between JussiKoivula VS Conor Benn.

Betting in boxing

Boxing gambling is easy. The events are starting from 19th June followed by regular matches till 3rd August 2019. The boxing season is more like a festival to the bettors. The games are supported by gambling on rounds, the number of rounds, disqualification, and injuries. If one follows the strategies and opts for technical decisions, then by the end of the fight, bets will get settled as a victory.


The wind has its positive turn in betting this year. With the latest UG sport calendar, implement your predictions on any of the games to win thousands of money!